SEV – Vertical electric survey

Seismic Down-hole and Cross-hole (P, SV&SH waves)
15 May 2017
Geoelettrica tomografica
2D/3D geoelectrical tomography
15 May 2017

Vertical electric survey: 2D section / Sondaggi elettrici verticali: sezione 2D

Geoelectrical profiling is used when we necessity to study superficial depth ground properties but on long distances. It is applied in defining soil contamination, defining depth to bedrock, discontinuities in mechanic properties of rocks, and tracing of contaminants. The electric resistivity profiling technique uses the same type of arrays as in the vertical electric survey (SEV), just that in this case the interest is focused on numerous levels of depth.

Instead Vertical Electrical Survey (SEV) is a cheapest geoelectric technic that gives very good results in many contest. The field measurements technique is adaptable for the different topographic conditions. An electric current of known intensity in put into the ground through the use of two electrodes (power electrodes – AB) and measuring the electric potential difference with another two electrodes (measuring electrodes – MN). The investigation depth is proportional with the distance between the power electrodes. Vertical electric sounding method, as all geophysical methods, needs for a good interpretation the presence of a contrast in resistivity. As the contrast is greater, the results are better.

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