2D/3D geoelectrical tomography

SEV – Vertical electric survey
15 May 2017
15 May 2017
Geoelettrica tomografica

Geoeletrical tomography: 2D section / Geoelettrica tomografica: sezione 2D

Geoelectrical tomography can be considered the principal method in geo-electrical measurements. This technique combines recent techniques of data acquisition with accomplishment interpretation solutions. The data acquisition is made uniform along the profile or on an area with a density established by the distance between the electrodes and the type of configuration used. With multielectrode cable we can obtain hundreds of resistivity measurements thus creating a 2D/3D image of the underground resembling a tomography. The resolution of the geoelectric tomography is very good thus making possible pointing out diverse objects in the ground. Using special configurations of the measuring arrays, 3D images of the ground resistivity can be obtained thus making it very easy to visualize underground features (archaeological, construction or natural features).

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