Seismic tomographic attenuation

Hybrid Seismic
15 May 2017
MASW, Re.Mi., HVSR, Esac, Holysurface, MFA, MAAM etc.
15 May 2017
Attenuazione anelastica: modello 3D

Anelastic attenuation: 3D model / Attenuazione anelastica: modello 3D

For the evaluation of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the rocks an analysis of the seismic data in terms of anelastic attenuation is performed. Factors that control the amplitude of seismic signals during propagation in rocks are geometric divergence, reflection coefficient, absorption (Biot model) etc. These physical processes are attributable to the Q-factor that describes the viscous properties of a medium (high values ​​of Q denote a medium with good elastic properties that does not absorb seismic energy excessively). The quality factor depends on the frequency and is regulated by an intrinsic attenuation coefficient α (decibels per meter measurement unit).

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