GECO-DMC is a technologically-advanced provider of 2D/3D geophysical surveys acquisition and high-end data processing services to the main engineering construction and oil & gas industry. The solid experience in geophysical and geological sectors working on national and international projects in different type of environmental conditions, in Italy, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, collaborating with the main big companies, confirm the GECO-DMC ability to organize, acquire and interpret complex investigations for the subsoil characterization of a wide type of projects. All these aspects allow us providing the best solution for the subsoil characterization. Thank you for your interest in GECO-DMC

About us

Company profile

GECO-DMC provides complete solutions for geophysical and geological surveys to engineering and mining companies. Over 20 years of experience allows us to offer our customers a service characterized by a personalized technical approach, which is supported by the continuous professional development and ongoing improvement of its elaboration methods and survey interpretation.

Who we are

Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwork are at the center of who we are. For more than 20 years, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve customer performance.


The GECO-DMC’s team is composed by young, resourceful and dynamic geophysicist, geoscientists and technical experts with experience in different investigation methodologies applied on many worldwide projects. Our close cooperation with partner companies, academic institutes, suppliers and distributors covers interdisciplinary projects and enables us to transfer this knowledge directly to you.

How we work

GECO-DMC has the flexibility to compete in all types of projects and the wide experience in different technical fields ensures the quality of our work. This is complemented by the use of high-level equipment which provides a complete and quality service to our customers. Our organization is made up of geologists and technicians that provide data collection in the field, data interpretation and the final results.


The ever-more demanding needs of the market for excellent hardware & software tools has induced GECO-DMC to evolve furthermore and develop an independent research department: the GECO-DMC’s CLINIC. We design geophysical instruments and accessories and develop specifically tailored software. In our research activity we collaborate with universities, research institutes and private companies to projects involving the use of new generation instrumentation and the development of innovative acquisition and interpretation methodologies.


Before 2017, the founders of Geophysical Elements Company worked for the SGG company that for more than 30 years providing geological and geophysical services for engineering design and environmental assessment on projects in Italy and abroad. As a result of the experience acquired in all these years GECO-DMC is now an international geophysical and geological service company offering a broader range of geophysical and geological services.


GECO-DMC realizing geophysical investigations in a wide range of projects.

It has developed the necessary experience in planning, acquiring and interpreting of the main geophysical methods. We have specific expertise working in operationally difficult areas with topographic, cultural, infrastructure, and security challenges. GECO-DMC provides 2D, 3D and 4D geophysical data and successfully operates in all environments. Our advanced processing and interpretation services set the standard for quality and deliverability and include data processing, depth imaging and rock physics. The collaboration with some of the most important engineering and construction companies allowed us to acquire strong experience in the main application fields of geophysics: civil engineering and construction, environmental characterization, natural resources, archeology, structures analysis, local seismic amplification and seismic Hazard.

In the field of design and construction of civil works the geophysical methods can be applied in a wide range of possibilities:

Buildings, bridges, dams, etc. foundations
Jet grouting
Tunnels layout characterization
Pipe-lines, railways, roads, etc. layout characterization
Excavation design
Seismic assessment of the subsoil
Structural analysis of existing structures
Structural verification
In place methods to estimate concrete strength - Mechanical characterization of materials
Depth of bedrock
Site survey analysis
Fault investigation
Seismic risk evaluation
Dike and levee inspection
Mapping P&S wave velocity/bulk modulus
Void & Sinkhole

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GECO-DMC offers services to evaluate and plan the exploitation of natural resources, with a high specialization in geophysical investigations.
Geophysics is one of the fundamental stages of locating and evaluating natural resources:

Oil and gas exploration
CO2 injection monitoring
Geologic structural mapping
Geological assessment of the reservoir
2D/3D geometry definition of the resource reservoir
Evaluation of the potential exploitable resource
Locating of geological structures potentially productive (faults, intense fracturing, etc.)

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Geophysics is one of the necessary steps of detecting and estimating mineral resources:

Coal exploration
Mineral deposit exploration
Oil sand exploration
Diamond exploration

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Geophysics is a strategic indirect investigation method in all environmental characterization projects:

Locating of polluting substances
Definition of contaminant plume extension
Evaluation of volumes of solid waste in landfill sites
Structural verification of landfill sites
Structural verification of impermeable diaphragms
Monitoring of contaminants propagation
Utility mapping

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Geophysics is a very useful tool in locating buried unexploded war’s weapons.

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Geophysics is a tactical indirect analysis method in all geothermal characterization projects.

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Geophysics is a very suitable tool in finding buried structures or service networks and can be used to delineate some structural features:

Locating of buried structures in archeology
Analysis of building materials of existing structures (thickness, degree of wear and tear, etc.)
Locating and mapping of network utilities
Structural evaluation (concrete, pillar, asphalt, etc.)

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GECO-DMC offers services to evaluate and plan the exploitation of hydrogeology. Relating to hydrogeology, we offer the full service, from the evaluation to the exploitation of the hydric resource.

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GECO-DMC provide innovative services to mapping the territory from traditional instruments to the GPS and today with the DRONE. The acquired geophysical data can be geo-referenced and organized in territorial databases. GECO-DMC can combine geological and geophysical investigation with land surveying, GPS and Photogrammetric with also professional drones (technically powered Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - SAPR) for serving the local area applications. In the field of topographic surveys our company can provide these services:

Detailed topography of large areas in a short time
Landslides monitoring
Photogrammetry, topography and geological surveys
Environmental monitoring
Monitoring as a result of natural disasters
Investigations in photovoltaic field
Three-dimensional terrain models
Volume calculation for quarries and landfills

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Data processing

You have your own instruments but you don't have time or qualified personnel for analyzing your data?

You need to process some data according to the above-mentioned techniques
but you do not have the software and want to think about a possible purchase later on?

GECO-DMC can analyze your data. You can send us your data (acquired according to the guidelines we will provide you via email) and we will analyze them and retrieve the results. This way it will be possible to obtain a final model much more accurate and therefore reliable. Before sending your data, please contact us to agree on the best method and approach for your problem/site (and, please, also give us details about your equipment and goals).

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