GEONICS Electromagnetometer EM34-3

    The EM34-3 Ground Conductivity Meter incorporates three intercoil spacings – 10, 20 and 40 m – to provide variable depths of exploration to 60 meters. With three intercoil spacings, and two dipole modes (horizontal as shown, and vertical) available with each spacing, a total of six measurements can be associated with a single location. With appropriate software, multiple measurements can be used to model the geologic profile. Simple to operate and cost-effective, the EM34-3 is an instrument for the geologist and hydrogeologist alike. Common applications include the detection and delineation of groundwater contamination and the exploration for sources of potable groundwater; in the vertical dipole mode specifically, the EM34-3 is particularly sensitive to vertical geologic structure, and is widely used for applications within fractured and faulted bedrock systems.

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