15 May 2017

Micro core-sampling

Direct sampling allows to derive parameters of great use for the evaluation of the mechanical properties (strength and deformation), and chemical and physical properties of the […]
15 May 2017

Echometer tests

The technique known as the Ecometer is a non-invasive methodology used in geophysics for the study of the integrity of structural elements. Non-destructive vibration testing on […]
15 May 2017
TV ispection

Geophysical logging (Gamma ray, Resistivity, Sonic, Optical/acoustic Televiewer, etc.)

Geophysical logging is the process of recording and observing measurements of physical properties made in wells or holes. Probes that measure different properties are lowered into […]
6 November 2019
pullout geofisica

Pull-out test

The concept behind this method is that the tensile force required to pull a metal disk, together with a layer of concrete, from the surface to […]
6 November 2019

Sonreb – Combined methods

Combined methods involves a combination of NDT methods for predicting the on-site strength of concrete. The combination of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Rebound hammer has been […]
15 May 2017
Cross hole sonico: sezione tomografica 2D

Sonic and ultrasonic tomography

Sonic technique is an acoustic exploration, and analyzes the propagation of the signal inside the material with frequencies up to 20 kHz. The method uses higher […]
6 November 2019
sclerometro geofisica

Rebound hammer

The methods based on the rebound principle consist of measuring the rebound of a spring driven hammer mass after its impact with concrete. The test has […]
6 November 2019

Rebar location

Rebar location is a central activity for anyone involved in on-site testing of reinforced structures. Locating rebars is a necessity when drilling, cutting coring as well […]
15 May 2017

Borehole inclinometric measurement

The Deviation Probe is used to measure the borehole deviation. A three-axis magnetometer measures the azimuthal direction of the borehole and a dual tilt sensor provides […]
15 May 2017

Gravimetry and Microgravimetry

Gravimetry is a geophysical technique in which the Earth gravitational attraction is observed and interpreted in terms of mass distribution over space/time. In principle any process […]
15 May 2017


Magnetometry measures in an area the perturbations of the magnetic field caused by contrasts in magnetic susceptibility (where susceptibility is the ability of a substance to […]
15 May 2017

Magnetotellurics and TDEM

Magnetotellurics Magnetotellurics (MT) refers to a technique in which electrical resistivity is determined by doing measurements of electric and magnetic fields related to naturally occurring currents […]
15 May 2017

Thermal resistivity

Thermal resistivity testing measures the capacity of the ground to conduct or dissipate heat. An accurate knowledge of the thermal properties of a soil (natural or […]
15 May 2017
Rilievo GPR

2D/3D Georadar

The Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-invasive method used in geophysics to investigate the most superficial part of the subsoil. The technique is based on […]
15 May 2017


When a current is passed through earth materials not enclosing metallic minerals, the amount of current is related to the driving potential only by the electric […]
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