BIS-SH | S-Wave Source

dev probe geofisica
DevProbe1 | Deviation Probe
30 May 2017
IPG5000 | Impulse Generator
30 May 2017

The borehole source BIS-SH generates horizontally polarized shear waves (SH) and compressional waves (P). The seismic signals are highly repeatable. The source works in dry or water filled boreholes and can be used in vertical or horizontal boreholes. Energy released by the IPG5000 discharges through a system of electromagnetical coils adjacent to a copper plate. If the plate is rejected a mechanical impact to the borehole wall is generated. The borehole source is coupled to the borehole wall by a pneumatic clamping system (inflatable bladder). The orientation of the source is controlled from surface by a torsionally stiff hose.

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