GSSI Ground penetrating radar SIR 20

GSSI Ground penetrating radar SIR 4000
30 May 2017
gpr geofisica
MALÅ Easy Locator Pro Wide Range HDR – Ground Penetrating Radar
6 November 2019
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The GSSI SIR-20 is a powerful, versatile multi-channel data acquisition system coupled with a rugged Panasonic ToughBook PC. The Microsoft Windows-based data acquisition and processing software provides the user with a familiar operating environment for collecting, storing, processing and transferring data. Application specific processing functions enable the user to present the interpreted GPR results in practical, useful formats. The SIR–20 control unit provides the reliability and flexibility users demand from the world leader in ground penetrating radar. The SIR–20 is compatible with all GSSI antennas, allowing the user to address the full range of GPR applications. Whether mounted on a vehicle, a cart-based system or mobile on-site, the SIR–20 will provide the highest quality data, day-in and day-out.

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